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First detection and complete genome sequence of a new potexvirus naturally infecting Adenium obesum

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posted on 2023-10-24, 01:37 authored by MEA Gauthier, Shamila AbeynayakeShamila Abeynayake, RV Lelwala, CA McMaster, R Eichner, J Morrison, CE Elliott, S Fiorito, A Dinsdale, J Pattemore, RA Barrero
Here, we report the detection and complete genome sequence of a novel potexvirus, tentatively named “Adenium obesum virus X” (AobVX), isolated from Adenium obesum, that was sent for virus screening at Australian Government post-entry quarantine (PEQ) facilities after being imported into Australia from China. The AobVX genome is 6781 nucleotides in length excluding the poly(A) tail and is predicted to encode conserved potexvirus proteins and sequence motifs across five open reading frames. The RNA-dependent RNA polymerase of this virus shares the highest amino acid sequence similarity with that of nerine potexvirus 1 (58.7% identity) and nerine virus X (58.58% identity). This is the first report of a positive-sense single-stranded RNA virus in A. obesum related to members of the genus Potexvirus in the family Alphaflexiviridae.


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