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Factors affecting self-medication practices among people living with type 2 diabetes in India - a Systematic Review

Self-medication practices of type 2 diabetes in India include the use of both traditional and western medications. It is important to understand the factors influencing self-medication. A total of 3257 studies were screened and nine studies (six quantitative and three qualitative) were included. The Hawker tool and Joanna Briggs Institute Critical Appraisal tool were used to assess the quality of studies. The findings of the quantitative studies were descriptively analysed while thematic analysis was performed to identify key themes from the qualitative studies. The analysis indicated that participants had greater trust in traditional medications regardless of their socioeconomic and/or educational backgrounds as these were often recommended by friends and family members. Low cost, ease of availability and perceived lower side effects of traditional medications were some of the factors contributing to greater trust. It is suggested that ongoing management of type 2 diabetes requires stringent policies and regulations in the dispensing of traditional and western medications. Continual education to inform people on the use of self-medications and its possible adverse effects is also required.


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Metabolism Open




March 2021

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8p. (p. 100073-100073)





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