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Engagement with online psychosocial interventions for psychosis: a review and synthesis of relevant factors

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posted on 2021-07-07, 23:33 authored by Chelsea Arnold, John FarhallJohn Farhall, KA Villagonzalo, K Sharma, N Thomas
Background: Little is known about factors associated with engagement with online interventions for psychosis. This review aimed to synthesise existing data from relevant literature to develop a working model of potential variables that may impact on engagement with online interventions for psychosis. Methods: Online databases were searched for studies relevant to predictors of engagement with online interventions for psychosis; predictors of Internet use amongst individuals with psychosis; and predictors of engagement with traditional psychosocial treatments for psychosis. Data were synthesised into a conceptual model highlighting factors relevant to engagement with online interventions for psychosis. Results: Sixty-one studies were identified. Factors relevant to engagement related directly to the impact of psychosis, response to psychosis, integration of technology into daily lives and intervention aspects. Conclusion: While several candidate predictors were identified, there is minimal research specifically investigated predictors of engagement with online interventions for psychosis. Further investigation examining both individual- and intervention-related factors is required to inform effective design and dissemination of online interventions for psychosis.


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