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Dismantling prevention: Comparison of outcomes following media literacy and appearance comparison modules in a randomised controlled trial

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posted on 30.03.2021, 06:03 by Sian McLean, Eleanor Wertheim, Mathew Marques, Susan Paxton
© The Author(s) 2016. A dismantling study of body dissatisfaction prevention was conducted. Adolescent girls (N = 260) were randomly allocated to a media literacy (Happy Being Me – Media Literacy) or appearance comparison (Happy Being Me – Appearance Comparison) intervention or healthy eating behaviour control (Happy Being Me – Healthy Eating Behaviour) condition. In the Happy Being Me – Appearance Comparison condition, improvements from baseline to post-programme and follow-up for upward appearance comparison and fear of negative appearance evaluation were observed. In the Happy Being Me – Media Literacy condition, improvements were observed from baseline to post-programme for upward appearance comparison and realism scepticism. Findings were similar in a high-risk subsample and overall are moderately supportive of appearance comparison-based interventions, but less supportive of a stand-alone media literacy intervention.


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Journal of Health Psychology






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