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Development of the essential learning outcomes for the midwifery student continuity of care learning model: A Delphi study

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posted on 2024-04-17, 00:02 authored by Olivia Tierney, Vidanka Vasilevski, Leigh KinsmanLeigh Kinsman, Linda Sweet
Background: In Australia, midwifery students are required to undertake at least ten Continuity of Care Experiences (CoCE) during their education. The learning outcomes of this experience have never been explicit or standardised resulting in inconsistent assessment. Aim: To develop and identify standardised learning outcomes for the CoCE. Methods: A modified Delphi survey was conducted with an expert panel. Intended learning outcome statements were developed, reflecting the learning objectives identified in a previous study. Bloom's taxonomy levels of thinking complexities guided the wording of the outcomes. Participants were asked to rank and rate their level of agreement with each statement over two survey rounds. Findings: Round one was completed by 32 participants, with 92.5% of the 40 statements reaching consensus. The second round was completed by 23 participants, with 70.7% of the 33 statements reaching consensus. Content analysis of participant comments from each round identified duplicates that were removed and informed refining the wording of some statements. A final set of 15 learning outcomes were agreed upon. The outcomes were broadly grouped within the themes of accountability, advocacy, and autonomy. Discussion: This study has identified agreed learning outcomes for midwifery students undertaking CoCE. The consensus agreement of experts reinforced the learning model enables the development of woman-centred practice that is underpinned by accountability, advocacy, and autonomy. Conclusion: Purposeful learning outcomes for the CoCE have been developed, informing how the model can be embedded in curricula, guide student learning and assessment to standardise the pedagogy of the model to prepare future midwives.


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