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Designing and testing an ethnic-ancestry question for Australian blood donors: Acceptability, feasibility, and understanding

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posted on 2022-06-17, 05:04 authored by Luke GahanLuke Gahan, Carley N Gemelli, Sarah P Kruse, Tanya E Davison
Objectives: We aimed to evaluate the acceptability, feasibility, and understanding of a donor ethnic-ancestry question with Australian blood donors. Background: Ethnic-ancestry assists blood collection agencies to meet the demand for rare blood-types. However, there is no standard ethnicity question used by health/blood services around the world and we do not know how blood donors in Australia will respond to being asked for this information. Methods/Materials: A survey and ethnic-ancestry question was administered to a sample of donors (n = 506) to evaluate their views on being asked for their ethnic-ancestry, test a comprehensive ethnic-ancestry list, and determine the level of information required by donors. Results: Donors reported being very comfortable providing their ethnic-ancestry and the majority of donors found an ethnic-ancestry option they were happy with (91.3%). Overall donors reported a high level of understanding of why ethnic-ancestry was important to blood donation. However, when provided more information on why ethnic-ancestry is required, donors reported increased understanding. Conclusion: The findings from this study demonstrated that it is acceptable and feasible to introduce a comprehensive ethnic-ancestry question for Australian blood donors. We also found that a greater understanding is achieved when a more comprehensive explanation for inclusion of the question is provided.


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