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Data publication with the structural biology data grid supports live analysis

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posted on 2023-02-02, 00:11 authored by PA Meyer, S Socias, J Key, E Ransey, EC Tjon, A Buschiazzo, M Lei, C Botka, J Withrow, D Neau, K Rajashankar, KS Anderson, RH Baxter, SC Blacklow, TJ Boggon, AMJJ Bonvin, D Borek, TJ Brett, A Caflisch, C-I Chang, WJ Chazin, KD Corbett, MS Cosgrove, S Crosson, S Dhe-Paganon, E Di Cera, CL Drennan, MJ Eck, BF Eichman, QR Fan, AR Ferre-D'Amare, JC Fromme, KC Garcia, R Gaudet, P Gong, SC Harrison, EE Heldwein, Z Jia, RJ Keenan, AC Kruse, Marc KvansakulMarc Kvansakul, JS McLellan, Y Modis, Y Nam, Z Otwinowski, EF Pai, PJ Barbosa Pereira, C Petosa, S Raman, TA Rapoport, A Roll-Mecak, MK Rosen, G Rudenko, J Schlessinger, TU Schwartz, Y Shamoo, H Sondermann, YJ Tao, NH Tolia, OV Tsodikov, KD Westover, H Wu, I Foster, JS Fraser, FRNC Maia, T Gonen, T Kirchhausen, K Diederichs, M Crosas, P Sliz
Access to experimental X-ray diffraction image data is fundamental for validation and reproduction of macromolecular models and indispensable for development of structural biology processing methods. Here, we established a diffraction data publication and dissemination system, Structural Biology Data Grid (SBDG;, to preserve primary experimental data sets that support scientific publications. Data sets are accessible to researchers through a community driven data grid, which facilitates global data access. Our analysis of a pilot collection of crystallographic data sets demonstrates that the information archived by SBDG is sufficient to reprocess data to statistics that meet or exceed the quality of the original published structures. SBDG has extended its services to the entire community and is used to develop support for other types of biomedical data sets. It is anticipated that access to the experimental data sets will enhance the paradigm shift in the community towards a much more dynamic body of continuously improving data analysis.


Development of the Structural Biology Data Grid is funded by The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust 2016PG-BRI002 to PS and MC. Development of citation workflows is supported NSF 1448069 (to PS). DAA is being developed as a pilot project of the National Data Service, with additional funds to support storage and technology development, including NIH P41 GM103403 (NE-CAT) and 1S10RR028832 (HMS) and DOE DE-AC02-06CH11357; NIH 1U54EB020406-01, Big Data for Discovery Science Center; and NIST 60NANB15D077 (Globus Project).


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