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Cross-cultural adaptation of the Brazilian version of the athlete sleep behavior questionnaire

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posted on 22.06.2022, 06:20 authored by Lucas Alves Facundo, Maicon Rodrigues Albuquerque, Andrea Maculano Esteves, Matthew DrillerMatthew Driller, Isadora Grade, Marco Túlio De-Mello, Andressa Silva

Introduction: Considering the specificity of the sporting context and the influence of sleep on athletic performance, the “athlete sleep behavior questionnare” (ASBQ) was developed to evaluate sleep behavior in English-speaking athletes. Objective: The aim of this study was to perform a cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the ASBQ in Brazilian athletes. Methods: The cross-cultural adaptation was processed by procedures of translation and back-translation. Content validity was performed by 9 experts, calculating the coefficient of content validity for the equivalence of the individual items (Cvci) and the total global score (Cvct), in addition we conducted a pilot study using the translated version of the questionnaire. The next phase of the study included 52 athletes completing the translated ASBQ. The reliability of the questionnaire was assessed by the intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC), standard error of measurement (SEM) and by Cronbach’s alpha (α). Results: The ASBQ passed the process of cross-cultural adaptation, obtaining the Brazilian Version of the ASBQ (ASBQ-BR), and with acceptable values of Cvci (0.89-1.00) and Cvct (0.96). Additionally, the ASBQ-BR showed acceptable values of reliability (ICC=0.857; Cronbach’s α=0.78) and a SEM of 3.05 AU. Conclusion: The ASBQ was translated to a newly developed ASBQ-BR, resulting in acceptable values for content validity and reliability. The ASBQ-BR provides a valuable tool for monitoring sleep behaviors in Brazilian athletes. 


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