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Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care

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posted on 2018-04-26, 05:35 authored by Lindsay B. Carey, John Swinton, Daniel Grossoehme
Carey, L.B., Swinton, J. & Grossoehme, D. (2018). Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care. In: Carey, L.B. & Mathisen, B.A. (2018). Spiritual Care for Allied Health Practice: A Person-Centered Approach. (Chapter 11: pp: 229-256). London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers [ISBN 9781785922206]. DOI10.4225/22/5a6981ef98112

Abstract: This chapter considers the profession of chaplaincy and the role that chaplains have in providing spiritual care within clinical and community settings with an emphasis upon their collaboration with other allied health clinicians. Although chaplaincy spiritual care services occur across a broad range of health care areas, this chapter will primarily consider three specialist areas of chaplaincy that cover the human lifespan, namely, paediatric chaplaincy, mental health care chaplaincy and aged care chaplaincy.