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Carboberyllation: addition of organoberyllium species to alkenes and alkynes. A comparison with carboboration

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posted on 2021-04-30, 04:55 authored by Terri Field-TheodoreTerri Field-Theodore, Shannon A Couchman, David WilsonDavid Wilson, Jason DuttonJason Dutton
The potential for carbometallation reactions between organoberyllium and model alkenes and alkynes has been investigated in a computational study. Results indicate that barriers for carbometallation reactions between BeR and alkynes are as low as 100 kJ mol , and much lower than corresponding reactions with MgR . In contrast to carboboration reactions with BR , with organoberyllium 1,2-addition is favoured over 1,1-addition. It is concluded that carbometallation reactions with beryllium are likely feasible, and that the reaction between BePh and alkynes provides the best opportunity for the first experimental observation of carboberyllation.


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Dalton Transactions






7p. (p. 7686-7692)


Royal Society of Chemistry



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