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Advocacy, accountability and autonomy; the learning intention of the midwifery student continuity of care experience

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posted on 2023-11-17, 03:38 authored by Olivia Tierney, Vidanka Vasilevski, Leigh KinsmanLeigh Kinsman, Linda Sweet
Problem: The Continuity of Care Experience is a mandated inclusion in midwifery education programs leading to registration as a midwife in Australia. The practice-based learning experience has evolved over time, yet there remains no standardised learning intentions, objectives, or outcomes for the model. Aim: To identify the key learning intentions of the Continuity of Care Experience by an expert panel to support the development of learning outcomes. Methods: A descriptive qualitative study with two focus groups were conducted with an expert panel (n = 15). Participants were midwifery education subject matter experts on the Continuity of Care Experience with backgrounds in academia, policy development, curriculum design, accreditation, or clinical education. The discussions were transcribed and thematically analysed. Findings: Three main themes and six sub-themes describe the learning intentions of the Continuity of Care Experience. The main themes were: (1) advocacy for women; (2) accountability of care; and (3) autonomy in practice. Discussion: The education model of continuity of care enables students to develop midwifery practice that involves advocating for women, being accountable for their care and being autonomous in practice. We have established that during the experience students practice in partnership with women and are exposed to the full scope of midwifery care. Importantly students learn holistic woman-centred practice. Conclusion: The learning intentions of the Continuity of Care Experience reflects woman-centred practice. Having identified a common understanding of the learning intention, these can now be used to design learning, and assessment, through the development of measurable learning outcomes.


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