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A systematic review of the budget impact analyses for antitumor drugs of lung cancer

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posted on 10.02.2021, 02:41 authored by L Han, X Zhang, Wenqi FuWenqi Fu, CY Sun, XM Zhao, LR Zhou, GX Liu
© 2020, The Author(s). Background: Budget impact analyses (BIAs) are used for reimbursement decisions and drug access medical insurance, as a supplement to cost-effectiveness analyses (CEAs). Objectives: We systematically reviewed BIAs for antitumor drugs of lung cancer to provide reference for high-value drug budget impact analyses and decision making. Methods: We conducted a literature search on PubMed, EMbase, The Cochrane Library, China National Knowledge Infrastructure and Wanfang Data Knowledge Service Platform from 2010 to 2019. The methodological indicators and result information of the budget impact analyses were extracted and evaluated for quality. Results: A total of 14 studies on the budget impact for antitumor drugs of lung cancer were included, and the overall quality was good. Half of studies were from developed countries. Nine of the studies were designed using the BIA cost calculation model, and two were simulated using the Markov model Monte Carlo model. From all studies, only 14.3% reported model validation. The budget impact results of the same drug in different countries were inconsistent. Conclusions: Included studies evaluating budget impact analyses for anti-tumor drugs of lung cancer showed variability in the methodological framework for BIAs. The budget impact analyses of high-value drugs need to be more stringent to ensure the accuracy of the parameters, and should provide reliable results based on real data to decision-making departments, which should carefully consider access to lung cancer drugs.


This study was funded by National Key research and development plan of China (2017YFC1308700, 2017YFC1308705). The funding body did not have any influence on the design of the study and collection, analysis, and interpretation of data and in manuscript writing.


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55 (2020)


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