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A strong cis-effect in an imidazole-imidazolium-substituted alkene

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posted on 21.04.2021, 06:27 authored by Dayne C Georgiou, Mohammad A Haghighatbin, Conor HoganConor Hogan, MS Scholz, JN Bull, EJ Bieske, David WilsonDavid Wilson, Jason DuttonJason Dutton
We report the first example of an alkene with two carbon-bound substituents (imidazole and imidazolium rings) where the Z-isomer has a greater thermodynamic stability than the E-isomer which persists in both the gas phase and in solution. Theoretical calculations, solution fluorescence spectroscopy and gas-phase ion mobility mass spectrometry studies confirm the preference for the Z-isomer, the stability of which is traced to a non-covalent interaction between the imidazole lone pair and the imidazolium ring.


We thank the La Trobe Institute for Molecular Sciences, Melbourne University and the Australian Research Council (JLD, DE130100186, FT160100007; EJB DP150101427 and DP160100474) for their generous funding of this project. We acknowledge generous allocations of computing from La Trobe University, Intersect, and NCI.


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