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A model of Islamic teacher education for social justice in Indonesia a critical pedagogy perspective

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posted on 08.02.2021, 23:48 authored by Raihani RaihaniRaihani Raihani
© 2020, State Islamic University of Sunan Ampel. All rights reserved. This paper proposes a model for teacher preparation in the context of Islamic education using a critical pedagogy perspective. The constantly increasing social injustice combined with sectarian frictions has placed Indonesian society in a fragile situation and, it, therefore, needs a closer attention, and more so in the field of education. This paper argues that reforms in education should begin from the very vital component of education, i.e. teacher since teacher contributes significantly to the development of students in almost all aspects. Also, the traditional approach of instruction does not seem able to provide solutions for most of the social problems, even though Islamic teachings strongly endorse equality, justice, and respect for differences. This conceptual paper, therefore, develops a model for reforms in teacher education starting from philosophical foundation of teaching to critical pedagogy practices. In this paper, this critical pedagogy approach is argued to enable teachers to become change agents for promoting education for social justice.


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Journal of Indonesian Islam






24p. (p. 163-186)


State Islamic University



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