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A globally integrated structure of taxonomy to support biodiversity science and conservation

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posted on 2023-11-19, 23:20 authored by EL Sandall, AA Maureaud, R Guralnick, Melodie McGeochMelodie McGeoch, YV Sica, MS Rogan, DB Booher, R Edwards, N Franz, K Ingenloff, M Lucas, CJ Marsh, J McGowan, S Pinkert, A Ranipeta, P Uetz, J Wieczorek, W Jetz
All aspects of biodiversity research, from taxonomy to conservation, rely on data associated with species names. Effective integration of names across multiple fields is paramount and depends on the coordination and organization of taxonomic data. We assess current efforts and find that even key applications for well-studied taxa still lack commonality in taxonomic information required for integration. We identify essential taxonomic elements from our interoperability assessment to support improved access and integration of taxonomic data. A stronger focus on these elements has the potential to involve taxonomic communities in biodiversity science and overcome broken linkages currently limiting research capacity. We encourage a community effort to democratize taxonomic expertise and language in order to facilitate maximum interoperability and integration.


This project originated from discussions in the taxon expert group hosted at the Center for Biodiversity and Global Change at Yale University, partly funded by the E.O. Wilson Foundation and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation through its Grant GBMF8137 to the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation, to support the work of E.L.S., A.A.M., Y.V.S., M.R., K.I., D.B.B., S.P., R.E., M.L., C.J.M., and A.R., led by C.J.M. for 2020–2021 and E.L.S. for 2021–2022.


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