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A Preliminary Assessment of Health and Safety in the Automobile Industry in Brunei Darussalam: Workers’ Knowledge and Practice of Organic Solvents

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posted on 2023-06-22, 03:15 authored by H Hasylin, Khadizah H. Abdul-MuminKhadizah H. Abdul-Mumin, PK Pg-Hj-Ismail, A Trivedi, KN Win
Automobile industries worldwide extensively use organic solvents. Yet, limited studies have examined the health and safety of handling these solvents, which can only be assured if workers have appropriate knowledge and demonstrate safe practices. A cross-sectional study was conducted to preliminary explore the knowledge and practice among workers who are involved in handling organic solvents in the automobile industry in the largest urban district in Brunei Darussalam. Qualitative data were sourced from open-ended questions, observations, and pictorial evidence through still photographs. Quantitative analysis showed that 75% of the workers practice reading labels, 94.1% use fully covered clothes, 82.4% wear gloves, and 98.5% practice proper hand washing. Furthermore, 98.5% of workers cover container lids. The qualitative analysis illustrated that workers have general knowledge of materials containing solvents but could not identify the exact solvents, the harmful effects of the solvents, pathophysiology, and harmful effects on specific body systems. Health and safety were found to be practiced, albeit not consistently. Health and Safety Authorities in Brunei Darussalam must review and enforce specific policies on the use of organic solvents so that they can be practiced consistently and safely in the automobile industry. Cooperation and collaboration in adhering to the policies are mandatory to ensure health and safety at work.


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