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A Direct Approach to In-Plane Stress Separation using Photoelastic Ptychography

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posted on 2022-05-05, 23:06 authored by Nicholas AnthonyNicholas Anthony, Guido Cadenazzi, Henry KirkwoodHenry Kirkwood, Eric HuwaldEric Huwald, Keith NugentKeith Nugent, Brian AbbeyBrian Abbey
The elastic properties of materials, either under external load or in a relaxed state, influence their mechanical behaviour. Conventional optical approaches based on techniques such as photoelasticity or thermoelasticity can be used for full-field analysis of the stress distribution within a specimen. The circular polariscope in combination with holographic photoelasticity allows the sum and difference of principal stress components to be determined by exploiting the temporary birefringent properties of materials under load. Phase stepping and interferometric techniques have been proposed as a method for separating the in-plane stress components in two-dimensional photoelasticity experiments. In this paper we describe and demonstrate an alternative approach based on photoelastic ptychography which is able to obtain quantitative stress information from far fewer measurements than is required for interferometric based approaches. The complex light intensity equations based on Jones calculus for this setup are derived. We then apply this approach to the problem of a disc under diametrical compression. The experimental results are validated against the analytical solution derived by Hertz for the theoretical displacement fields for an elastic disc subject to point loading.


This work was supported by the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Advanced Molecular Imaging (CE140100011)


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