Paramedicine and Spiritual Care

2018-04-26T07:16:28Z (GMT) by Ann Lazarsfeld-Jensen Peter O’Meara
Ann Lazarsfeld-Jensen &
Peter O’Meara
(2018). Paramedicine and Spiritual Care. In: Carey, L.B. & Mathisen, B.A. Spiritual Care for Allied Health Practice: A Person-Centered Approach (Chapter 6: pp: 113-136). London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers [ISBN 9781785922206]. DOI

Summary: This chapter discusses the way in which trauma elicits human responses that go beyond the biological, psychological and social. We call this the human spirit, or the heart, and we argue that spiritual preparedness should be central to the education of paramedics who must not only confront trauma daily, but also do so as moral and compassionate practitioners.