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Reliability of ultrasonographic measurement of muscle architecture of the gastrocnemius medialis and gastrocnemius lateralis - Datasets

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posted on 2021-08-19, 01:44 authored by Samantha MaySamantha May, Michael KingsleyMichael Kingsley

Intra-rater reliability of the digitisation method involved one blinded investigator (Investigator A) repeating digitisation on 100 randomly sampled images on two occasions. Three blinded investigators (A, B and C) analysed all 2145 images to provide comparisons for inter-rater reliability of the digitisation method. The images were divided into images of GM (1081 images) or GL (1064 images), and reliability analyses were performed for these groups separately. For test-retest reliability of the ultrasound image acquisition and digitisation method combined, results were re-identified for each of the 87 participants and separated into image number (1, 2 or 3) and test session (1 or 2). Intra-rater between-image reliability was measured by comparing Investigator A’s results from session 1 image 1, to session 1 image 3. Intra-rater-test-retest reliability was determined by comparing Investigator A’s averages from test session 1 images to test session 2. The average of the three investigators (A, B and C) results from test session 1 was also compared against their average of results from test session 2 to determine inter-rater-test-retest reliability.



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