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N alexis FAM validation data.xlsx (17.66 kB)

N alexis FAM validation data.xlsx

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posted on 2022-11-10, 00:21 authored by Kelly Williams-KellyKelly Williams-Kelly, Kylie RobertKylie Robert, Rupert Palme, Kerry FansonKerry Fanson

Faecal androgen metabolites from male spinifix hopping mice (Notomys alexis), an Australian native rodent. Faeces collected non-invasively for validating two enzyme immunoassays.

Pre-print of article associated with the data is available in SSRN: or Williams-Kelly, Kelly S. and Robert, Kylie A. and Palme, Rupert and Fanson, Kerry V., Validation of an Enzyme Immunoassay for the Non-Invasive Measurement of Faecal Androgen Metabolites in Spinifex Hopping Mice ( Notomys Alexis).  


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