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Data-set for Self Advocacy and Inclusion: what can be learned from speaking up over the years. A series of five life stories of members of Reinforce

posted on 2023-04-05, 00:26 authored by David HendersonDavid Henderson, Christine BigbyChristine Bigby, Patsie Frawley, Paul Ramcharan, Amanda Hiscoe, Janice Slattery, John Slattery, Norrie Blythman, Hiscoe Colin, David Banfield

This data-set contains a series of five life stories of members of Reinforce, the oldest self advocacy group in Victoria. It represents one of the outcomes of a collaborative research project between the Living with Disability Research Centre (Latrobe University) and the Reinforce History Group, which was a collaborative group formed to work on the ARC Linkage project ‘Self Advocacy and Inclusion: What can be learned from speaking up over the years’. The group consisted of Amanda Hiscoe, Colin Hiscoe, Janice and John Slattery, Norrie Blythman, Jane Rosengrave (Hauser) and the late David Banfield from Reinforce and Professor Christine Bigby, Dr Patsie Frawley (La Trobe University) and Dr Paul Ramcharan (RMIT). These life stories were produced over two years of collaboration with members of the history group and the historian Dr David Henderson (La Trobe University)

The titles of the life stories are "David Banfield and Norrie Blythman Life Story", Life as a Married Couple", Free as a Bird at Last", "Colin Hiscoe's Life Story" and "A Day in my Shoes: Amanda Hiscoe's Life Story".


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