Data-set for "Physiotherapy students’ self-reported assessment of professional behaviours and skills while working with young people with disability"

2020-07-13T02:29:09Z (GMT) by Nora Shields Nicholas Taylor
Twenty-eight physiotherapy students (22 women, 6 men; mean age 21.9 years, SD 2.9) were each matched with a young person with Down syndrome, who was randomly allocated to an intervention or control group. The intervention group completed a 10-week, twice a week progressive resistance training (PRT) programme. The control group completed a 10-week, once a week social programme. Before and after the experience, the students completed a self-reported assessment of their skills in prescribing and supervising PRT, professional behaviours, confidence and the likelihood they would work with people with intellectual disability in the future. Between-group differences were analysed using ANCOVA with baseline measures as covariate