Audiology and Spiritual Care

Fisher Smiley, D., Smiley, H.T., McCormick Richberg, C.
(2018). Audiology and Spiritual Care. In: Carey, L.B. & Mathisen, B.A. Spiritual Care for Allied Health Practice: A Person-Centered Approach (Chapter 3: pp: 55-65). London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers [ISBN 9781785922206]. DOI10.4225/22/5ae174ca6b132

Summary: This chapter reviews the current state of spirituality and spiritual care in the practice of audiology. The evidence for a more holistic approach to hearing healthcare is presented, along with case examples to illustrate ways that audiologists can address the spiritual and religious needs of the client. Rationales for the inclusion and exclusion of spiritual care by the audiologist are also presented.