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Factors affecting ubiquitous learning from the viewpoint of language teachers: a case study from Vietnam

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posted on 2023-03-23, 17:54 authored by Xuan Thu Dang
Information and communication technology (ICT) tools have been widely used in teaching and learning foreign languages at all universities in Vietnam with a view to improving the quality of teaching and learning. However, little has been known about how ICT facilities have been used in language teaching, as well as the factors which could possibly enable or hinder teachers’ use of ICT. This conference paper presents the results of an exploratory study of the use of ICT in modern language teaching at tertiary level in Vietnam, taking the case of Hanoi University (HANU), a leading university in the North of Vietnam in the field of foreign languages training. A mixed methods approach was used. In 2010, survey questionnaires were conducted with 222 language teachers, and semi-structured interviews with 43 participants including senior management, classroom teachers and ICT experts at HANU. The responses of the research participants have shed light to two major areas: i) teachers’ current use of ICT facilities, and ii) teachers’ perceptions about enablers and inhibitors of ICT use in language teaching. Both language teachers and university leaders from other countries could learn appropriate lessons from the interesting case of Hanoi University for better integration of ICT in their classrooms and institutions in the future. Keywords: ICT factors affecting technology use barriers Enablers.

['ICT for Language Learning. [4th : 2011 : Hanoi University, Vietnam]']


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International Conference ICT for Language Learning, pp. 57-68



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