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The ecological perspective of sport and sustainable development

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posted on 2022-06-07, 01:39 authored by Gregory DingleGregory Dingle, Cheryl Mallen


To date, we have not resolved the climate issues that impact sport and society. This chapter promotes the groundwork (as illustrated in a plethora of examples presented) and builds on successes to further climate action within all aspects of sport. The discussion opens with an overview of our climate issue and its impacts on sport. It then turns to the development of partnerships in the process of mitigating and managing the problem. Many effective diverse partnerships that have aided in promoting awareness of – and action for – safeguarding our climate are outlined. Finally, the chapter pushes for those in sport to continuously seek additional partnerships to aid in the ongoing pursuit of successful climate action. Overall, sport is positioned well to illustrate how to advance climate action and successfully safeguard the natural environment for sport and society. Readers are encouraged to contemplate sport in their local area and the types of partnerships generated to aid climate action.


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Sport and Sustainable Development: An Introduction


Triantafyllidis S Mallen C



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London, UK




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