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Simon Finn. Beyond the frustum

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posted on 2024-07-14, 23:00 authored by Michael Brennan, Paul NorthamPaul Northam, BERNHARD SACHS, Simon Finn, Ferri Ahrial, La Trobe Art InstituteLa Trobe Art Institute

This publication accompanied the exhibition Beyond the Frustrum a solo exhibition by Melbourne based artist Simon Finn, at La Trobe University Museum of Art 20 July to 23 September 2016 and La Trobe Art Institute 10 November to 21 December 2016. Curated by Paul Northam. The exhibition includes ink drawings, video and sculpture focused on the subjects of an island, a tower and water. This exhibition explores the temporality of our landscapes and ocean shores, and our ability to overcome and adapt to changes in those environs. The publication includes introductions by Michael Brennan and Bernard Sachs an interview with the artist by Paul Northam an essay by Ferri Ahrial, and a catalogue of works with 4 illustrations (colour)



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Simon Finn

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