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Pride in Prevention Messaging Guide: A guide for communications and engagement to support primary prevention of family violence experienced by LGBTIQ communities

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posted on 2021-08-09, 06:27 authored by Jackson Fairchild, Marina CarmanMarina Carman, Rosanne Bersten, Belinda O'ConnorBelinda O'Connor

This guide has been produced by the LGBTIQ Family Violence Prevention Project 2019-2021, a ground-breaking initiative led by Rainbow Health Victoria and funded by the Office for Women in the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet.

This guide builds on Pride in Prevention: a guide to primary prevention of family violence experienced by LGBTIQ communities, which draws together existing research and policy frameworks, and puts forward a new conceptual model for understanding LGBTIQ experiences of family violence, along with priority actions for primary prevention.

It provides additional support to organisations and practitioners in developing effective and appropriate family violence prevention messaging, and delivering this through public campaigns, social media communications and policy work. It also aims to support community engagement in developing and delivering prevention messaging and specifically engaging with LGBTIQ communities.

This guide aims to build the expertise and capacity of both LGBTIQ and mainstream organisations and practitioners in the design and delivery of primary prevention of family violence experienced by LGBTIQ communities. This includes those experienced in working to advance LGBTIQ rights, health, and wellbeing, and those experienced in the primary prevention of violence against women and broader efforts to promote gender equity.

It draws on existing expertise in communications and engagement, applying this to LGBTIQ family violence primary prevention. Many of the principles and approaches included in the guide are drawn from frameworks used extensively in message development to promote gender equality or prevent men’s violence against women. The guide also draws on established best-practice principles and approaches to LGBTIQ inclusion outlined in the Rainbow Tick LGBTIQ-inclusive practice framework.


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