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posted on 2021-10-04, 21:20 authored by La Trobe Art InstituteLa Trobe Art Institute, Travis curtin
This publication accompanied the exhibition ''Miwatj', including works by Birrikitji Gumana, Dr Gumana AO, Mithinarri Gurruwiwi, Narritjin Maymuru and Wandjuk Marika OBE at La Trobe Art Institute, Bendigo, from 29 May to 7 July 2018. The exhibition was curated by Travis Curtin in consultation with Wukun Wanambi and Buku-Larrŋgay Mulka Centre.

The exhibition provided an insight into the complexity of Yolŋu culture and the significant role that painting has played in asserting Yolŋu sovereignty and custodianship of the Miwatj region. Created by senior Yolŋu leaders, the exhibited bark paintings and larrakitj (memorial poles) were collected by James Davidson in the 1960s and donated to La Trobe University in 1983.

The publication includes an introduction and essay by Travis Curtin, a map of North-east Arnhem Land, a short guide to Yolŋu Matha pronunciation, an essay by Wandjuk Marika, a conversation between Wukun Wanambi, Ishmael Marika and Travis Curtin, short artist and contributor biographies, a list of works and 15 illustrations (colour).



Travis Curtin


Birrikitji Gumana, Dr Gumana AO, Mithinarri Gurruwiwi, Narritjin Maymuru, Wandjuk Marika OBE

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La Trobe Art Institute, La Trobe University

First Nations content

The knowledge contained in this book originated from the Yolŋu people of the Dhalwaŋu and Maŋgalili clans of the Yirritja moiety and the Galpu and Rirratjiŋu clans of the Dhuwa moiety. This knowledge is their cultural and intellectual property.