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How to do science: A guide to researching human physiology

posted on 2020-05-06, 08:00 authored by Louise Lexis, Brianna Julien, La Trobe eBureauLa Trobe eBureau

How to do science: a guide to researching human physiology has been written for students of the life sciences who are actively engaged in the scientific process. A lot of support is available for students learning scientific facts, but we found that it was harder to find resources to support students to become scientists.

This ebook introduces you to what it means to be a scientist. You will learn about the scientific method and how to do many tasks of a scientist, your roles and responsibilities as a scientist as well as possible career paths, and how to use your skills as a science graduate to get a leg up in the job market.

ISBN: 978-0-9953727-2-6



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