Saliva Hypernatrium

Saliva Hypernatrium is a term developed by La Trobe University Public Health Palliative Care Unit Researchers (Dr. Lindsay Carey [Senior Research Fellow], Dr. Christa Carey-Sargeant [Speech Pathologist] and Lillian Krikheli [Speech Pathologist]) in Melbourne Australia (01 August 2019), to describe a seemingly rare medical condition of having excessive sodium within human saliva, that is not caused by another known condition (e.g., Sjogren syndrome, dehydration, hypersalivation, bacteria, nutritional deficiency, dry mouth, oral infection/oral bleeding, acid or bile reflux). Research into Saliva Hypernatrium is currently being led by Ms. Cassandra Danskin (BHSc La Trobe University Intern). Progressive detail about Saliva Hypernatrium will be updated on Wikiversity.